Hazing is a practice that has been around for a long time

by Rubi Silva, Apprentice Academy

Hazing is a practice that has been around for a long time, and unfortunately, it continues to be a problem in many organizations, including schools, fraternities, and sports teams. Hazing can have serious physical and emotional consequences for its victims, and it is important for individuals to take action to prevent it from happening. So, how can you make a difference against hazing? Here are some steps you can take

Educate yourself: The first step in preventing hazing is to understand what it is and how it can harm individuals. Research the different types of hazing and the psychological and physical effects it can have. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to identify hazing when it happens and take action to prevent it.

Second Speak up! If you witness hazing, don’t stay silent. Speak up and let someone know what is happening. This can be a teacher, a coach, a school administrator, or a trusted adult. You can also encourage others who witness hazing to speak up as well. Remember, by staying silent, you are allowing the problem to continue.

 Third encourage positive alternatives: Hazing often occurs as a way to initiate new members into a group or organization. Encourage positive alternatives to hazing, such as community service projects or team-building exercises. These activities can help build team spirit and create a sense of belonging without resorting to harmful practices.

Support anti-hazing policies: Many schools and organizations have policies in place to prevent hazing. Make sure you are familiar with these policies and support them. If your school or organization does not have an anti-hazing policy, consider advocating for one to be put in place.

You can also be a role model. As a student or member of an organization, you can be a role model for others by setting a positive example. Refuse to participate in hazing and speak out against it. Encourage others to do the same.

In conclusion, hazing is a serious problem that requires action from individuals to prevent it from happening. By educating yourself, speaking up, encouraging positive alternatives, supporting anti-hazing policies, and being a role model, you can make a difference against hazing. Remember, it takes everyone working together to create a safe and positive environment free from hazing.

NFHS High School Essay Contest
2023 Honorable Mention (NFHS Section 3)
Rubi Silva
Apprentice Academy
Monroe, NC