Hazing Prevention Advocate Certification

Introducing our newest program, created in partnership with PreventZone by AliveTek. Learners create or improve their hazing prevention plans, connect with cohorts and receive professional certification.

Hazing Prevention Advocate Certification

Become a more effective advocate for hazing prevention and receive Certification, with criteria established by the experts at Hazing Prevention Network. 

Prevent.Zone by AliveTek, in partnership with Hazing Prevention Network, designed this curriculum of study for professionals who seek certification. This training program is entirely online and will include guest speaker video sessions, assignments, and discussion forums. In this course, you will: 

  • Gain a solid understanding and competence to help build, support, and grow your hazing prevention efforts.
  • Step through the process of developing — or improving — a tailored plan to prevent hazing on your campus, within your group, or within your organization. 
  • Receive certification upon completion of the course.

This four-week course requires approximately 10-20 hours to complete, depending on your level of experience as a hazing prevention advocate.  Each week’s discussions and assignments build up to a final Capstone Assignment–your hazing prevention plan.  As part of the course, participants will complete Hazing Prevention 101 as a prerequisite.

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