Every year, countless individuals fall victim to the horrors of hazing

by Ryan Choi, Mid Pacific Institute

Every year, countless individuals fall victim to the horrors of hazing—a dangerous and unacceptable practice that plagues our society. With an unwavering determination, I strive to make a meaningful impact through my personal efforts in standing up against the issue of hazing.

Above all else, I firmly believe in the transformative power of amplifying the voices of hazing victims. By actively listening to their narratives, I gain profound insights into the harsh realities and enduring impact of hazing. This not only allows me to offer enhanced support to survivors but also encourages me to advocate their rights and well-being. To realize this vision, I can volunteer at local counseling centers, where I can create a nurturing environment for hazing survivors to openly share their experiences. Through offering emotional support and guidance, my aim is to aid them on their path to healing, helping them reclaim their strength and resilience.

Moreover, I am committed to raising awareness within my school and community. Firstly, I will collaborate with school authorities to implement mandatory anti-hazing workshops for all students. Through these workshops, we will delve into the dire consequences of hazing and stress the significance of cultivating inclusive and respectful environments. Furthermore, I intend to organize awareness campaigns during school events, utilizing engaging mediums such as posters, flyers, and interactive presentations to educate my peers about the harmful effects of hazing. Additionally, I aspire to establish a student-led organization dedicated to hazing prevention. This group will actively champion alternative team-building activities that prioritize inclusivity and safety, such as engaging in community service projects and fostering collaborative art initiatives. By providing students with positive experiences that discourage hazing, we can foster an environment grounded in empathy and mutual respect.

Recognizing the need for systemic change, I am determined to advocate for stronger anti-hazing policies and regulations. I will actively engage with school administrators and local authorities, employing persuasive presentations and evidence-based arguments to push for stricter disciplinary actions against hazing incidents. Moreover, I plan to collaborate with like-minded students and forge alliances with other schools to collectively advocate for more robust state-level legislation against hazing. By organizing impactful rallies, drafting persuasive letters to lawmakers, and meeting with key decision-makers, we can propel significant change that prioritizes the safety and well-being of all students.

Furthermore, I understand the immense potential of technology and social media to amplify our efforts. Through online platforms, I will raise awareness about hazing by sharing powerful survivor stories, eye-opening statistics, and effective prevention strategies. To engage a broader audience, I intend to create informative videos and captivating infographics that shed light on the dangers of hazing, motivating viewers to join the fight against it. Furthermore, I will actively participate in online discussions, connecting with fellow advocates of hazing prevention and offering valuable resources and support to those seeking guidance. By collaborating with individuals and established anti-hazing organizations that share our passion, we can magnify our impact through coordinated online campaigns, trending hashtags, and engaging viral challenges.

By amplifying the voices of victims, increasing awareness, advocating for policy changes, and harnessing the power of technology, my objective is to foster an environment that prioritizes safety and respect. Through my planned endeavors, including volunteering at counseling centers, orchestrating workshops and awareness campaigns, championing for policy reforms, and harnessing the reach of social media, I aspire to ignite inspiration within others to actively combat hazing. Together, we can eradicate this detrimental practice from our society and forge a culture where every individual is treated with utmost dignity and respect, liberated from the perils and anxieties of hazing.

NFHS High School Essay Contest
2023 Honorable Mention (NFHS Section 7)
Ryan Choi
Mid Pacific Institute
Honolulu, HI