Become an Institutional/Organizational Member

Become an Institutional/Organizational Member

Review benefits of institutional and organizational membership.

We have transitioned our data management and forms to FSCentral. Through your affiliation with other organizations, you may already be familiar with the FSCentral platform.

To join/renew membership, we are happy to send an invoice (email Todd Shelton) OR you can go to FSCentral:

  • If you do not already had an FSID, you will create one and log into FSCentral
  • Click on the AFA/HPN block, then click on HPN on the next screen
  • Click on Purchase/Renew Membership
  • Choose your organization type and continue from there. On the second screen, start typing your organization in the account name. If it does not appear in the list, you will add as a new organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact Todd Shelton if you have any trouble joining/renewing your membership. (Note: Your last year’s membership may not yet appear in the membership history but is documented.)