National Hazing Prevention Week

Organized by Hazing Prevention Network, National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is a time when communities, institutions, organizations, and individuals make a concerted effort to raise awareness and increase education about hazing. NHPW is officially held the last full week of September each year; however, anyone is welcome to organize a hazing prevention week at any point of the year. The fundamental objective is to have a specific time in which the entire community is focused on engaging in intentional discussions about the problem of hazing.

Coming September 25-29, 2023.

Watch for more info this spring and summer.

Thank you to everyone who participated in #NHPW22. The theme of #StrongerTogether applies to all our efforts to educate people about the dangers of hazing and to prevent hazing at all institutions. We want to thank our webinar partners, Archie Messermith-Bunting, Susie Bruce, and Carl Reisch for your great presentations during the week.

Most of all, we thank the students, educators, administrative professionals, coaches, and everyone else who took part in the week.

For those of you who missed some of the programs, here is a list of resources and tools avaiable from our friends at The Gordie Center: